Opal Stackhouse is a self-made company, specializing in the creation and reinvention of interior environments that are detailed with custom fabrications. Under the creative vision of Ashley Puckett, Opal Stackhouse yields from a formally-trained fine artist and creative entrepreneur, with hearty roots in Columbus, Ohio. Teamed with Scott Williams, a graphic designer and fabricator by trade, Opal Stackhouse nurtures collaboration using shared resources, knowledge, and ideas to cultivate interesting and cohesive environments.

Opal Stackhouse creates intimate interiors that evoke the feeling of a place that has just been discovered. By bringing together the right elements and materials, Opal Stackhouse personifies each space with a sense of character and soul by subtlety reflecting the client, the neighborhood, the mood, and the business itself.

Opal Stackhouse is idea-driven with creative minds. The underlying style is original and thoughtful. This is what makes Opal Stackhouse stand out.

Opal Stackhouse was named after Puckett's grandmother, whom she never knew and remains a mystery. But the name had a handsome shape and a great sound to it. So Puckett went with it and made it into something new. After all, reinvention is a beautiful thing.