The Fantastic Collection of Jim Linderman

Dec 17, 2016

A while back I had 3 lovely clay heads for sale on the website. 

Jim Linderman, an author and folk art collector, saw them on the site and contacted me about purchasing them. We got to chatting, and our chat led to all the heads heading to his home to Michigan, a nice little write-up about our shop on his blog, and some pics and a peek into his fantastic folk art collection!!! 

Jim Linderman has published two books of vintage photographs with Dust-to-Digital in Atlanta (Take Me to the Water and The Birth of Rock and Roll.) as well as several titles available from BLURB in paperback or ebook formats. He maintains the daily art and culture blog "DULL TOOL DIM BULB" and with our help has been working on a project he calls "Sewer Pipe Pottery" which exhibits antique whimsical pieces of folk art made by workers in clay plants (many in Ohio) who created "end of day" pieces with left-over clay.  Many of the pieces poke fun at co-workers or the boss, others are toys brought home to children.

And here is what he wrote about our shop:

Here are some pics of his collection: