Ethyl & Tank Interior

Ethyl & Tank Interior

Client: A&R Developers

Services: Interiors, Logo Design, Branding, Managing of Custom Fabrication, Furniture, Fixtures, Custom Neon Lighting, Art Sourcing 

Ethyl and Tank is a restaurant, bar, coffee shop on 13th and High, Columbus Ohio. We did the complete interior design, managed the custom fabrication and created the name and logo. 

What excited us about this project from the start was that it was located in the heart of Ohio State University campus, and the neighborhood lacked independently owned restaurants that weren’t holes in the wall with holes in the walls. Our concept was to create a spot that was versatile, durable, and had some character that wasn’t contrived. Something that had some class and some laid-back grit. A space that reflected the night and day variety of the clientele, and also served the night and day needs of the neighborhood. 

The client's concept was a space with a coffee shop, restaurant, bar all under one roof. Our initial design decision was to install a classic herringbone floor, to soften the industrial feel and give the space an unexpected refined detail. We discovered the antique Ethyl and Tank (working!) neons serendipitously in the beginning stages of this project as well. They came from a truck stop in Georgia that was being demolished. We proposed the name to change from Raging Bull, to Ethyl and Tank. We liked the idea of doing our own take on a one-stop spot, and imagined Ethyl and Tank to be that “hub” on the oasis of Ohio State University.

February 2014

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